The gender of singlehood

Published on 6 January 2021 par Institut du genre

Organized by Juliette Eyméoud (EHESS) et Claire-Lise Gaillard (Paris 1, CRHXIX)

If singlehood appears implicitly in many research related to marriage or family and conjugal life, it has rarely been considered as a main topic. This conference’s goal is to put singlehood in the spotlight. To do so we must question the very definition of this word and its multiple interpretations and meanings according to academic fields, historical periods, or cultural areas.

Three lines of questioning
- Defining and classifying singlehood
- To be single within social and family structures
- Intimacy, sexuality, and emotional life of singlemen and singlewomen

Universté de Paris, September/October 2021.
Deadline for submissions : March 1st, 2021

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