The Gender and Genre of Translation

Published on 7 January 2019 par Institut du genre

Editors for this isuue: Anne Emmanuelle Berger (Université Paris 8) et Giuseppe Sofo (Université Ca’ Foscari, Venise).

At a time when gender studies are becoming more international and are being
confronted intellectually and politically with questions of globalization, this issue of
the journal de genere aims to reflect on the gender of translation and on gender in
translation. On the one hand, we intend to analyse the role played by gender issues in the theory and practice of translation, and on the other hand, we intend to focus on how and to what extent translation has influenced the development of gender studies and the directions they have taken in different contexts. How has the discourse of gender studies developed between languages? What role has the shift from one language to another played in this development, for example, between French and English, but also between such Indo-European languages and other languages from other families), or between various disciplinary languages? Do these displacements affect the way we understand and theorize gender? Finally, to what extent have gender studies contributed to a transformation of languages themselves (be they “natural” or specialised)?

Proposals in English, French or Italian.
Deadline: January 31

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