Race, gender and technology in science-fiction

Published on 5 November 2018 par Institut du genre

Paul Edwards (MFO, CNRS/LARCA, Université Paris Diderot)
Marie Thébaud-Sorger (MFO, CNRS)
Vivien Prigent (MFO, CNRS)
Elodie Grossi (MFO, UVSQ)

Themes and studies:
• The dynamics of race, gender and sexuality
• Masculinity in sci-fi culture
• Ethnographies of sci-fi audiences
• The use of ancient civilisations as (political) models
• The engagement with history and the colonial past
• Science-fiction as propaganda
• The engagement with forward-looking political science or economic models
• The transformation of everyday life
• The transformation of the body
• Technology as totalitarian or libertarian
• The history and theory of academic interest in sci-fi as a popular subculture

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