Performativity: Pasts, Presents, and Futures

Published on 15 November 2018 par Institut du genre

From Gender Trouble onwards, performativity has proved to be a crucial theoretical tool for queer theories and practices. The deontologization of categories, and their unmasking as mere iterations of performances, is at the heart not only of queer’s long-standing and productive antinormative focus, but also of a number of recent theoretical proposals, which question the centrality of antinormativity in queer theory.
The purpose of the conference is to open up a space for a reflection on performativity from a variety of angles and perspectives, and with a variety of aims.
One important aspect are the several possible genealogies of the concept. The canonical Austin-Derrida-Butler lineage is but one of the possible pasts of performativity; alternative ones could include the sociological concepts of “role”, “career”, and “dramaturgy”; Harvey Sacks’s “doing ‘being ordinary’”; the inter- and trans-disciplinary centrality of intersubjectivity; and of course many more.
Another issue we hope will prove of interest to participants is the variety and multiplicity of present contexts in which references to performativity are, or could prove to be, useful, pertinent and enlightening, both theoretically and politically. We would like “performativity” to be understood, and to work, as a meta-topic bridging gaps and suggesting connections between and among a multiplicity of queer concerns and issues...

The deadline for abstracts submission is January, 31, 2019.

Full Call for papers.