Nitte Management revue

Call for papers

Published on 14 December 2015 par Equipe GIS IdG

Call for papers - Volume 10, Issue 1, July 2016

Nitte Management revue

The editorial board of the journal seeks manuscript submissions for a 2016 special issue on Gender Discourse: Unleashing Talents.

Discourse on gender has moved a long way from gender stereotypes and gendered occupations. Women are expected to provide much management scholarship and talent in the future. Now the time has come to unleash woman’s hidden potentiality and value her contribution to society as an economic, social, cultural and spiritual agent. The July 2016 special issue of Nitte Management Review would explore the recent developments which are occurring in gender discourse. This special issue therefore seeks contributions from academics, independent researchers, activists, feminists, and individuals working in corporate, voluntary, governmental and multilateral organisations. We are seeking empirical research articles, case studies, viewpoints, review articles and conceptual articles covering (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Engendering management discourse
  • Gender and organizational theories
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Gender and work
  • Women’s agency role
  • Feminism and alternative perspectives on economic empowerment of women
  • Harmonious co-existence of men and women in the workplace; and pluralism

The key contents considered in this issue are intersectionality, feminists’ postmodern thinking attempts to re-write organizational studies, ‘gendering’ of organizational discourse and interventions that help to overcome barriers and that promote equality and equity. Submissions may present new research, critical theory, or best practice and should highlight practical lessons learned from experience in different settings, regions or countries.

- Submission Deadline: 30 January 2016