Media, Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Europe. Resistances and redefinitions through performances, productions and consumption

Published on 4 June 2019 par Institut du genre

Organized by Gender & Communication Section in collaboration with Women’s Network and Film Studies Section (ECREA).

The relations between gender, sexuality and the media are ubiquitous and firmly embedded in everyday practices at a cultural and social level. Our understanding of how people across Europe interpret and consume media content and perform gender and sexual identities within this context is changing alongside the modification of the media landscape.
Due to political and cultural changes across Europe and the rest of the world, issues connected to sexual identity and gender are in the process of being renegotiated and, in certain instances, even questioned. On the one hand, there are tendencies reconfirming patriarchal scripts; on the other hand, there are challenges and redefinitions of old paradigms.
Researchers within media studies have been working within diverse epistemological and methodological contexts in order to understand this mutation. This conference attempts to position itself within this debate with the aim of problematising such issues across research fields.
We are looking for original and innovative research within media, cultural and feminist studies, exploring the complex set of relations between media, gender and sexuality and the approaching aspects of the changing social and sexual landscape. We are especially looking for contributions that approach the topics of interest analytically in terms of production, representation and consumption, reflecting different cultural constructions and experiences.

1st June: Call for papers opens
20th July: Deadline for abstract submissions
24th August: Notification of acceptance/rejection
15th-16th November : Conference

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