Gender transformations on screen

Published on 6 December 2019 par Institut du genre

As part of the RIN project dedicated to Gender and Screens (« Genre & Ecrans ») which is subsidised by the Normandy region, this one-day seminar will address questions pertaining to the changes of gender and/or sex of fiction characters from a variety of cultural productions ranging from television series to films and video games.

Scientific committee : Mehdi Achouche, Sylvaine Bataille, Marjolaine Boutet, Florence Cabaret, Claire Cornillon, Mehdi Derfoufi, Georges-Claude Guilbert, Sarah Hatchuel, Monica Michlin, Shannon Wells-Lassagne.

May 6th, 2020
Rouen University (Normandy, France)
Deadline for submissions : January 31th, 2020