Femicide-feminicide: genealogy, law, systemic violence

Published on 3 March 2021 par Institut du genre

CfP for "Cahiers du genre", coordinated by Pauline Delage, Dephine Lacombe and Marylène Lieber.

This Cahiers du Genre issue will thus be mainly articulated around the analysis of the forms of perpetration of femi(ni)cides, the processes of their revelation, representation and treatment, notably but not exclusively in terms of the ways in which the term itself has been re-appropriated, its circulation, its translations and its scope of definition, and the controversies it may have raised in all geographical and political contexts.
Main orientations :
1. Genealogies, translations, quantitative approaches
2. Legal-criminal issues
3.Femicides, systemic violence, and intersectional perspectives

Deadline for submissions : April 2, 2021

Full Call (in French, English and Spanish