Codes & coders. Studying software in the making

Published on 3 December 2019 par Institut du genre

Special issue edited by Gabriel Alcaras (CMH, ENS-EHESS), Manuel Boutet (GREDEG, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis) and Antoine Larribeau (EXPERICE, Université Paris 13).

This special issue of RESET intends to encourage original and empirical works that approach the digital from the perspective of codes and their authors, highlighting the concrete process of writing programs, the differentiated relations with computers and, more broadly, the code’s conditions of production. Our goal is to contribute to the dialogue between the numerous approaches already mobilized by the humanities and social sciences, be they algorithms, programs (Méadel & Sire, 2017), interfaces (Galloway, 2012), platforms (Abdelnour & Bernard, 2018, Bastard et al, 2017), APIs (Ermoshina, 2017), software studies (Manovich, 2013) and code studies (Marino, 2010).

Deadline for abstract submissions: January 17, 2020

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