CFP Exploring the Emergence of Moderate Feminism(s) in Contemporary Organizations

Published on 22 March 2017 par Institut du Genre

Exploring the Emergence of Moderate Feminism(s) in Contemporary Organizations
Deadline: 30/06/2017
In: Gender, Work and Organization (Special Issue)

Theoretical and theoretically grounded empirical papers will be invited on the following (not exclusive) areas:
• The emergence and manifestation of moderate feminism(s) in contemporary organizations
• The relationship between moderate feminism(s), postfeminism and neoliberalism in organizations
• Moderate feminism(s) as a technology of neoliberal governmentality
• The impact of moderate feminism(s) on theorising and understanding experiences of work-based gender relations
• The relationship between women’s ‘choices’, individualization and gender discrimination in the context of moderate feminism(s)
• The conceptualisation of work-life balance within moderate feminist thinking
• The contemporary dominance of (neo)liberal feminism and the rise of the corporate feminist
• The potential for progressive change and emancipation within a moderate feminist gender regime
• Moderate feminism(s) and emerging femininities within contemporary organizations
• Men’s involvement in moderate feminism(s) and its potential for organizational change
• The impact of moderate feminism(s) on men and masculinities
• Can moderate feminism(s) be considered feminist?
• Is there a place/role for feminisms underpinned by notions of solidarity and the wider social good in contemporary organizations?
• Imagining new feminist futures in contemporary organizations

Articles should be submitted online at and conform to the author guidelines of Gender, Work and Organization. The normal length of a submitted article should be around 9,000 words. The deadline for submission of papers is 30 June 2017.

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