Gendering the European Parliament. Structures, Policies, and Practices

Published on 6 February 2020 par Institut du genre

Edited by Petra Ahrens and Lise Rolandsen Agustín.

Gendering the European Parliament: Structures, Policies and Practices provides a multifaceted innovative analysis of the EP by studying it comprehensively from a gender perspective addressing changes and continuities. It asks how and why the EP, as an institution, is gendered and what the gendered impacts of recent changes are when it comes to the structures, policies and practices of the EP. This collection brings together scholars from a variety of different disciplines (sociology, political sciences, law, management studies and cultural studies) as well as theoretical and methodological backgrounds who are united by their ability to provide the puzzle pieces necessary to fully comprehend the EP from a gender perspective.

Rowman and Littlefield, Dec. 2019, 264 p.
Ebook, hardback

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