Sites of Feminist Memory: Remembering suffrage in Europe and the United States of America

Published on 24 February par Institut du genre

This conference is organised by the LERMA.

Building on the very recent work of Vera Mackie and Sharon Crozier-de Rosa, interrogating the history and effects of that process of creation of literal ”Sites of Feminist Memory", across Europe and the United States, in local, national and transnational settings, will be a central ambition of this conference. We thus invite papers which focus on such literal sites of feminist memory in Europe and the United States.

The other ambition of this conference will be to ponder the more general question of the place of the suffrage past in what Maria Grever has called the ”Pantheon of Feminist Culture”

Keynote speaker:
Dr Sharon Crozier-de Rosa (University of Wollongong), co-author of Remembering Women’s Activism, Routledge, 2019.

Aix-Marseille Université, 12-13 May 2020.
Extended Deadline : 20 March 2020

Full call for papers and other informations