Aneta OSTASZEWSKA , resident at the Gender institute from December 1st 2021 to January 31st 2022. Dr. habil., Professor at the University of Warsaw and Director of the Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (@CBPKiP), she works at the intersection of social sciences and humanities. Her research is concerned with auto/biography, women’s empowerment and also the politics of (in)equality. She is an author of many publications, incl. a book devoted to bell hooks and her autobiography in the context of empowerment (Proces kształtowania kobiecej podmiotowości. Pedagogiczne studium samorozwoju bell hooks, 2018).

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Women at universities and the Covid-19 pandemic. A preliminary research on experiences of female academics in Paris.

The proposed theme is a part of a research project on the pandemic impact on lives and careers of women at European universities conducted since 2020. The project is focused on the phenomenon of feminization of the pandemic, that is to say, the consequences of the pandemic in the field of women’s work, both professional, care work, and housework. The aim is to capture the current challenges faced by various groups of women who are academics: researchers and lecturers incl. doctoral students working at various European universities. The BGF and research stay in Paris is a unique opportunity for me to study the situation of women at French universities.

The research plan includes both desk research (e.g. a review of recent literature on the consequences of the pandemic on the lives of women, in particular, in France) and ethnographic study, that is, observation of university life and conversations / interviews with female academics. The main research question is: How has the Covid-19 pandemic changed women’s lives including their professional careers? Data collected during my research stay in Paris will be used as a case study for a comparative analysis of the situation of women at other European universities incl. the University of Milan and the University