Financial aid 2015 to support the publication of scholarly articles or volumes

The IdG - Gender Institute launches a campaign to support the publication of scholarly articles or volumes in the field of gender studies. Priority will be given to translation projects (into a foreign language), in order to support the dissemination of French research abroad. The GIS will fund four publications.

This funding is only available for the scholars, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers affiliated with the universities and institutions within the GI partner network.

The maximum amount of funding is €4000 per publication.

A funding application must include a description of the planned publication, a letter of acceptance from a publisher and an estimate or a budget including possible additional funding, if applicable.

The documents must include the following information:
-  Type of work: a monograph, joint publication, journal issue, online publication, etc.
-  The Name and profile of the author
-  Possible other funding, including the names of institutions and amounts allocated
-  Language(s) of the publication and a translation budget

All documents must be sent in between 11 May 2015 and 16 October 2015, using the following address:

- Please mention “Publication funding – name of the applicant” in the subject of the email.

The Scientific Committee of the Gender Institute will study and rank the applications in November 2015 and funding will be disbursed in 2016.