Master universitario / Politique sociale, Travail et Bien-être (Política Social, Trabajo y Bienestar)

Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona - Espagne


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The master's degree in Social Policy, Labour and Welfare is an advanced academic programme offering theoretical, methodological and practical skills. The master's degree offers two specialisations: one in research and one in professionalisation, and is associated with the PhD programme in Sociology from the Department of Sociology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, which has received a mention of Excellence from the Ministry for Education. The origin of the master's degree dates back to 1997, as part of the DESE programme. After that, two important modifications were registered. The first in 2006, with the beginning of European Higher Education Area programmes, in which it received the name of official master's degree in Labour and Social Policy. The second occurred in 2012, when the programme evolved into what it is now, with the name of official master's degree in Social Policy, Labour and Welfare, into which the master's degree in Research in Applied Sociology was included. This contributed to the strengthening of the two current specialisation profiles: a) Labour and Gender and b) Social Cohesion. The programme lasts one academic year. It consists of 60 ECTS credits, including compulsory and optional modules, and offers its own work placement programme.