Master en sciences sociales / Etudes de genre - intersectionnalité et changement (Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change)

Linköping University - Suède

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This is a full-time programme that gives students the opportunity to explore how processes of social and cultural change can be initiated or sustained by integrating a critical understanding of intersectional gender, by counteracting multiple inequalities and processes of discrimination and by other kinds of transformative work. Students will learn how to act as agents for change, i.e. to actively change, develop and challenge existing norms and structures. The aim of the programme is to provide students with knowledge of theories and methodologies in Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change, and to enable them to develop academic skills to analyse and to intervene innovatively and professionally in gendered and intersectional processes of transformation in society. A key ambition is to reflect on and develop an understanding for links between activism, theory, professional development and career paths.