Women, commitment, conflict

Publié le 21 novembre par Lola Gonzalez

Women, commitment, conflict
Coordinators : Bugnon Fanny (Université Rennes 2), Felices-Luna Maritza (Ottawa University)

Abstract : Women’s involvement in socio-political life takes multiple and different configurations. Whether in times of peace or times of conflict, women have engaged in progressive and conservative causes through social movements, community organisations or formalised political structures, both in mixed and segregated spaces, using legal and illegal means as well as deploying peaceful and violent strategies. The historical period from the XVIII century until today is marked by processes of colonisation and decolonisation, revolutions, the emergence of masculine and exclusionary democratic systems as well as the development of modern capitalism and globalisation. These parallel sessions seek to understand women’s involvement in socio-politico and military conflicts that have arisen during this vast historical period through an analysis of the origins and reasons of women’s commitment to socio-political causes as well as the diverse forms taken by their involvement. Taking into consideration the evolution of citizenship and their partial or total inclusion of women, how do women engage ? Are there specific modes of engagement to women ? How do these feminine modes of engagement articulate with masculine modes of engagement ? Do women define themselves as autonomous political actors ? Do conflict situations allow for a renewal of spaces of action in an emancipatory way so as to transform the roles they have traditionally been assigned to ? Or, on the contrary do conflict situations actually contribute to reinforce gendered norms ? What is the impact of a particular conflict on individual and collective trajectories ? What is the impact of conflicts on the personal, intimate and familial temporalities of those who commit to a cause ? Does women’s commitment to socio-politico-military causes traverse frontiers and epochs and therefore can we actually speak of an international circulation of women’s commitment and of feminist causes ? How is gender articulated within spaces of political action ? How other identities such as class, race and sexuality are articulated within these spaces of political action ? Ultimately, the purpose of these sessions is to reflect on women’s active involvement in the multiple power struggles taking place within particular conflicts as well as their contribution to the configuration of the specific conflict they are engaged in.

Keywords : commitment, politics, social movements, conflicts, politicisation