21st Century Feminist Praxes, Ontologies and Materialities

Publié le 1er décembre 2015 par Equipe GIS IdG

21st Century Feminist Praxes, Ontologies and Materialities

Délai de soumission : vendredi 15 janvier 2016

Lieu : Central European University
Ville : Budapest (HUN)


​The 21st century is witnessing profound shifts in the way feminist scholars look at geopolitical, ethical, technoscientific and ontological categories as well as how these affect everyday life. This is leading to a re-evaluation of the way how feminism approaches and impacts individual lived experience, social and artistic movements, and scholarly debates.

This multidisciplinary conference seeks to establish dialogue between feminist researchers and/or activists whose work is immersed in everyday life and/or fosters contemporary approaches and methodologies to both feminist theory and practice. Our intellectual endeavor is to open up a debate in which the varied ontologies and praxes grounded in 21st century feminism(s) are explored, examined, and brought into conversation with diverse empirical and theoretical concerns.

Further information : CallForPapers.pdf