Women and the Canon


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Registration is now open for Women and the Canon, an interdisciplinary conference at Christ Church, Oxford on the 22-23 January 2016.

You can find the conference registration page by following this link : http://www.oxforduniversitystores.co.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?compid=1&modid=5&deptid=176&catid=442&prodid=1150&searchresults=1
or by searching us on the Oxford University Stores page http://www.oxforduniversitystores.co.uk (the keyword ’canon’ should take you to our listing).

- For the programme, please see below.
- For further details, please visit our website : https://womenandthecanon.wordpress.com.

- For enquiries, please email us at womencanonconference@gmail.com .

Deadline for registration : 8 January 2016

Women and the Canon Conference Programme


9.30 – Registration with Coffee, Blue Boar Exhibition Space.
10.00 – Welcoming Remarks, Blue Boar Lecture Theatre.
10.10 – Keynote : Elena Lombardi (University of Oxford), Blue Boar Lecture Theatre.
11.00 – Session 1
1a : The ‘Woman Poet’, Blue Boar Lecture Theatre.
Katherine Travers (New York University) – “Founding a Female Canon ? : Women Lyric Poets of the Middle Ages”
Angelica Nuzzo (City University of New York) – “Challenging the ‘Woman Poet’ : Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry of Indirection”
Matilda Amundsen Bergström (University of Gothenburg) – “Becoming Sappho : Gaining authorial authority through the image of Sappho”

1b : Politics of Women’s Public Image, Lecture Room 2 (Tom Quad).
Maria H. Oen (Stockholm University) – “Negotiating Female Sanctity in the Late Middle Ages : The Case of St. Birgitta of Sweden and the Process of Her Canonization”
Clara Stella (University of Leeds) – “Shaping the canon in Lodovico Domenichi’s Rime diverse di molte eccellentissime et virtuosissime donne (1559)”
Ioulia Kolovou (University of Glasgow) – “The burden of history and the writer’s mission : Maro Douka, a woman writer in the Modern Greek literary canon.”

12.30 – Lunch Break, lunch served in Blue Boar Exhibition Space.

1.15 – Session 2
2a : Processes of inclusion and exclusion I, Blue Boar Lecture Theatre.
Charlotte Cooper (University of Oxford) – “How to enter the canon : the case of Christine de Pizan”
Patricia Phillippy (Kingston University) – “Ann Montagu, Isabella Whitney and the Early Modern Canon”
Gabriella Infante (King’s College London) – “Girls, interrupted : the suppression of the female voice in the Restoration patriarchal repertory”

2b : Revisiting our methodologies, Lecture Room 2 (Tom Quad).
Nuppu Koivisto ( University of Helsinki) – “Women as Orchestral Musicians in Nineteenth-Century Finland : Perspectives on Music Historiography”
Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita (Institució Milà i Fontanals of the Spanish National Research Council) – “Behind the canon : Women and musical practices in early modern Spain”
Bethany Hindmarsh (Dalhousie University) – “Elisabeth of Bohemia and René Descartes : Notes Towards a Pedagogy of Listening”

2.45 – Coffee Break, , Blue Boar Exhibition Space.

3.00 – Session 3
3a : Processes of inclusion and exclusion II, Blue Boar Lecture Theatre.
Shaahin Pishbin (University of Oxford) – “Canonisation at a cost in 20th-century Iran : Forugh Farrokhzad’s compromised literary survival”
Jennifer Rabedeau (Stanford University) – “Canon Fodder : Gender, the Publishing Industry and the Problem of Literary Merit”
Katherine Watson (University of Roehampton) – “‘Feminism has at last tinged the ballet’ : Bronislava Nijinska’s ballets Les Noces (1923) and Les Biches (1924) as feminist canon”

3b : Revisiting our categories, Lecture Room 2 (Tom Quad).
Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman (University of Oxford) – “The Daughters of Africa as Philosophers of Slavery”
Unn Falkeid (Stockholm University) – “Reconsidering Birgitta of Sweden and Catherine of Siena in the Canon of European Political Thought”
Eleri Anona Watson (University of Oxford) – “‘We were a nothingness shot with gleams of what might be. But no more’ : Queering the Sublime”

4.30 – Break

4.45 – Roundtable : “Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon.”
Chair : Diane Watt (University of Surrey)
Speakers : Denis Renevey (Université de Lausanne), Christiania Whitehead (University of Warwick), Sue Niebrzydowski (Bangor University), Amy Morgan (University of Surrey)

6.15 – Presentation of artwork in the context of research, “Society Sees Not : The Obscurity of Female Artists in Modernism, The Flourishing Factors of Femininity in Contemporary Art in Iran” : Sara Masinaei (practicing artist and researcher)

Drinks Reception in Exhibition Space
7.30 – World Premiere of Choral Piece by Helen MacKinnon in Christ Church Cathedral
8.00 – Buffet Dinner (optional)


9.00 – Keynote : Suzanne Aspden (Music, University of Oxford)
9.50 – Session 4
4a : Teaching the Canon, Learning the Canon, Lecture Room 2 (Tom Quad).
Velda Elliott (University of Oxford) – “The educational canon : gender and set texts in contemporary Britain”
Katarina Leppänen and Cecilia Rosengren (University of Gothenburg) – “Reconsidering the canon, a pedagogical project ?”
Alberica Bazzoni (University of Oxford) and Valeria Riboli (Independent Researcher) – “Women and the Italian Literary Canon : a Snapshot of the Current Situation in Italian Studies and High School Manuals”

4b : Women as Collaborators, Lecture Room 1 (Tom Quad)
Enza de Francisci (University College London) – “Duse and the Canon : Ibsen’s A Doll’s House”
Kirstie Hewlett (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst,) – “Where are the Women ? Schenker Studies, Jeanette Schenker and Marital Collaboration”
Emily Winterburn (University of Leeds) – “Caroline Herschel and the canon in the history of science”

11.20 – Coffee Break, Blue Boar Exhibition Space.

11.35 – Session 5
5a : The Role of Anthologies, Lecture Room 2 (Tom Quad).
Katheleen Keown (University of Oxford) – “‘Alterations, additions, and improvements’ : Anthologising and canonising eighteenth century women’s poetry”
Lyn Marven (University of Liverpool) – “Anthologising Berlin : Women’s place in 20th century city literature collections”
Marta Arnaldi (University of Oxford) – “‘Viste da fuori’. The Canon of Contemporary Italian Women Poetry in Italy and the United States after 2000”

5b : Uncanonical genres, Lecture Room 1 (Tom Quad)
Jung-An Liu (University of Oxford) – “From Abstraction to Figurative – Against the Modernist Canon ? Vanessa Bell and Her Domestic Paintings of Rooms with Views”
Marian Wilson Kimber (University of Iowa) – “Women’s Musical Readings and the Canon : Genre, Performance, and the ‘Work’ Concept”
Kate Macdonald (University of Reading) – “On writing what is real : The woman essayist”

1.05 – Lunch Break, Blue Boar Exhibition Space.

1.45 – Session 6
6a : Intersections of Gender and Race, Lecture Room 2 (Tom Quad)
Rachel Knighton (University of Cambridge) – “Writing the Female Prisoner : Ruth First’s 117 Days”
Rizvana Bradley (Emory University) – “Zora Neale Hurston’s Palimpsestic Text”
Imaobong Umoren (University of Oxford) – “Nina Simone and the musical canon”

6b : Reconsidering the canon, Lecture Room 1 (Tom Quad)
Mary Metzger (Western Washington University) – “The Queer Turn : Rethinking the Canon”
J.P.E. Harper-Scott (Royal Holloway, University of London) – “Identity, postmodernity, and the rehabilitation of the musical canon’”
Marie Louise Krogh (Independent Researcher) – “Twisted Sounds : How to Make a Canon Speak Differently”

3.15 – Discussion, “Gender and Canonicity in Early Modern Philosophy” : Paul Lodge (University of Oxford), Blue Boar Lecture Theatre.

4.15 – Coffee Break, Blue Boar Exhibition Space.

4.30 – Closing Remarks/Response : Ankhi Mukherjee (University of Oxford), Blue Boar Lecture Theatre.

5.30 – Conference ends