4 Post-doc : "Luxury, Fashion and Social statuS in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe"


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4 position Post-doc

"Luxury, Fashion and Social statuS in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe"

New Europe College - Institute for Advanced Study, Bucharest, Romania - announces 4 post-doctoral positions within the ERC-CoG 2014, no. 646489. Project Luxury, Fashion and Social Status in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe (LuxFass). The project targets junior international researchers / academics working in the fields of humanities and social sciences. They should work on subjects like consumption, trade, fashion, social elites, regional identities ; all related to early modern South-Eastern Europe.

Visit the website : http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/index.cfm/jobs/jobDetails/34029356


New Europe College is one of the South-Eastern Europe’s leading institutes for advanced studies, internationally appreciated for its high quality and innovative approach to research. Founded in 1994 as an independent institute, it is officially recognised by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research as an institutional structure for postgraduate studies in the humanities and social sciences, at the level of advanced studies. With strong international links, New Europe College managed to create a stimulating environment for interdisciplinary dialogue and critical debates. Its main aim is to strengthen research in the humanities and social science and to promote contacts between Romanian scholars and their peers worldwide. For further information please consult our site : www.nec.ro

Following the European Research Council competition for Consolidator Grants (2014), New Europe College became the Host Institution of such a grant. The project title is Luxury, Fashion and Social Status in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe and its Principal Investigator is Constanta Vintila-Ghitulescu, researcher at New Europe College and at the ’’Nicolae Iorga’’ Institute of History in Bucharest. The project aims to trace the role luxury played in the modernisation process in South-Eastern Europe, taking into account the specific features of the region and how South-Eastern European peoples, and their Byzantine and Ottoman heritage are viewed through the stereotype of ’’Balkanism’’.

Within the project, 4 post-doctoral positions will be available for the following themes of research :

1. The luxury good trade in the Ottoman Empire and the Balkans in the 17th and 18th centuries.

2. Regional identities and forms of segregation in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe.

3. Social Elite in South-Eastern Europe.

4. Fashion and Gender in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe.

Nr of positions available  : 4

Research Fields : History - Social history