Ten Years of Crisis ? Whither Feminist Political Economy ?

Publié le 27 novembre 2017 par Institut du Genre

Panel Proposal For SPERI Conference, University of Sheffield, 2-4 July 2018, by Muireann O’Dwyer (University of Warwick). Deadline for paper proposals November 30th.


Muireann O’Dwyer, University of Warwick m.o-dwyer [at] warwick.ac.uk

Deadline for paper proposals November 30th.

A crisis that started in male-dominated industries and government ministries (Schuberth and Young, 2011). A crisis response that placed a disproportionate burden of adjustment on women (Bruff and W ?hl, 2016 ; Elomaki, 2012 ; Emejulu and Bassel, 2017 ; Karamessini and Rubery, 2013). A crisis narrative shaped by male-dominated expert groups (O ?Dwyer, 2017). And a crisis literature that overwhelmingly ignores questions of gender (Hozic and True, 2016 ; Kantola and Lombardo, 2017). What is the role for feminist scholarship in developing the accounts of the political economy of the last ten years ?

Ten years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers ? the event that sparked the Global Financial Crisis - this panel considers the place of feminist political economy in reflecting on the ensuing crisis and reforms. Collectively, it highlights the important work being done by feminist scholars and aims to bring this work into dialogue with Critical Political Economy.

This panel invites papers demonstrating feminist political economy interventions on European economic policy, either at the EU or member state level. Both case specific and broader theoretical papers are encouraged. Papers from a broad range of disciplines are welcome. In addition, this panel seeks papers that aim to provide an intersectional understanding of the crisis and the aftermath.