International Congress : One hundred years of the Russian Revolution. Women, utopia and socio-political practices

Publié le 19 juin 2017 par Institut du Genre

*International Congress : One hundred years of the Russian Revolution. Women,
utopia and socio-political practices, 26th and 27th October 2017, Sala Buero
Vallejo, Universidad Carlos III (Getafe), Madrid

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution we
address and open a call for papers to contribute to the discussion and
judgement of the social, political and philosophical impact of those events
that bring forth one of the most important phenomena of the 20th century,
focusing the discussion on the role and figure of revolutionary women.

Driven by researchers of the Institute of Historiography Caro Baroja and
the Institute of Gender Studies at the University Carlos III of Madrid
(UC3M), the celebration of this Congress is open to all those interested in :

- Exploring contemporary feminist perspectives from the legacy of the first
theoretical communists in gender equality issues.

- The socio-political action of the revolutionary forces.

- Thinking over the relationship between the communist and socialist
feminism and the feminist theorists that currently are inspired by this

- Providing new and problematized readings of canonical texts written by
these women.

- Deliberating about new collective strategies and tools for a feminist
political praxis.

- Rethinking the relationship between sexual difference and class position
of the subjects.

- Marxism, postmarxism and revolution.

The period for proposals will be from 19th June to 14th July to the
following email address : revolucionarias1917[at]

A brief summary of the proposal, including Title of the communication and
Name of the author (maximum 500 words in Word), should be submitted to the
aforementioned email, with the Subject "International Congress : One hundred
years from the Russian Revolution and women". In addition, the proposal
should be accompanied by a short curriculum containing the following data :
name, surname(s), ID, full postal address, email address and contact
telephone number. The final registration will be formalized in the link
that will be provided soon where the amount is 25e for callers and 15e
other attendees. It will be free for UC3M students registered in the
program Pasaporte Cultural. The scientific output of the meeting will
result in a joint publication with ISBN number. The list of callers will be
confirmed on the 18th of September. The presentation of the papers will be
the 26th and 27th of October from 16:00-18:00 respectively.

*Registration : from 19th June to 20th October 2017.*

Director : Prof. Laura Branciforte

Coordination : Prof. Virginia Fusco and Prof. Sofia Rodriguez

Secretary : Andy Eric Castillo Patton