CFP : Media, communication and gender

Publié le 11 septembre 2017 par Institut du Genre

Call for articles for 7th Mediapolis, editors Rita Basílio de Simões & Rosa Maria Sobreira, deadline for submissions 15 January 2018.

From among the myriad dissenting discourses given today by the media one often reads and hears of how women’s condition has made substantial progress, both within and outside the private sphere, at the same time that the media imagination packs the public space with highly sexualized images of women. Information on the vigorous feminization of an extensive list of professions, including those in media and communication, coexist with evidence of pay inequality between men and women, of imbalances in access to leadership and power positions in companies and in the reconciliation of work and family life. Cases of sexual harassment and violence easily gain unprecedented visibility through the Internet and social networks, which, at the same time, standardize the objectification of women through representations imported from pornography and attractiveness standards that serve the various industries. It is also quite common to find discourses that, by galvanizing the idea of personal choice and self-determination, privatize public issues bought up over time from the private and intimate sphere to turn the personal into political. Contradictory views of feminism, sometimes taken for granted, sometimes disregarded, are also quite frequent. This dissonant context raises the pressing need for a feminist-based investigation to discuss, from a gender perspective, not only the production, consumption and representations conveyed by the media, but also by corporate communication, public relations or advertising in the current media ecosystem. This is the challenge of the 8th Mediapolis edition : provide a forum to discuss media, communication and gender issues, preferably fuelled by original empirical research that questions gender and its intersections with other identity characteristics and lines of research enabled by the diversity of the many media professions, and at the same time is supportive of learning and understanding the Portuguese-speaking public communication space. We accept submissions on several areas of the media-communication-gender relationship, including :

1) Gender, production and consumption ;

2) Gender and media representations ;

3) Gender and sexualities ;

4) Cyberspace, social networks and activism ;

5) Gender differences and profession ;

6) Gender, culture and professional identity

7) Media and gender violence ;

8) Sexualization, commerce and gender ;

9) Gender and active audiences.

Papers must be submitted by 15 January 2018 to, with the following reference in the subject heading : Call Mediapolis. Please refer to our style guidelines. (


Deadline for paper submission - January 15th 2018
Review of papers - From January 16th to May 15th 2018
Feedback to authors - From May 16th to 30th
Publication - June 2018