The MAGE Research Network

Created in 1995, the MAGE (Labour Market and Gender) Research Network was the first research network focusing on the question of gender. In 2003 it become a European Research Network directed by Margaret Maruani.

Today, MAGE has been transformed into an International interdisciplinary research network. It cooperates with universities throughout Europe, but also in Japan, China, Brazil and the United States.

Since its beginnings, MAGE has adopted an international perspective and its activities have brought together researchers and academics from different countries. In its seminars, study days, conferences and publications, MAGE has always put an emphasis on foreign contributions. Likewise, its work has always been interdisciplinary.

The objective MAGE is to bring the questions of gender from a closed circle of experts into a broader debate with all those who believe - regardless of whether these questions constitute their primary topic of research - that a gendered reading of the world of work is heuristically relevant.

MAGE publishes a biannual journal: Travail, genre et sociétés

Its website informs about the network’s activities, its meetings, videos and calls for papers.