RING Federation

Gender Research Federation

National Federation of Research on Gender (Fédération RING) was established on the suggestion of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and recognized by its agencies (Note dated February 2009). It replaces the former National Inter-university and Interdisciplinary Network on Gender.

RING was created in 2001 as an interdisciplinarity training programme (programme pluri-formation, PPF) on the initiative of a group of academics from different teams and universities, especially Paris Diderot (CEDREF, the instigator of the project); Paris 8, Toulouse Le Mirail, Lyon 2 Lumière, together with the GERS (Joint research unit, today CRESPA). Since its creation, RING has been joined by a number of additional academics and teams (University of West Brittany, University of Tours, University of Paris Dauphine, Paris West, Paris I, University of Provence, University of Lille 3, The Feminist Archives, Mnémosyne, etc.). Lastly, RING closely cooperates with EFiGiES, an association of young researchers in feminist, gender and sexuality studies.

These teams focus on shared scientific problems, recognizing the gendered organisation of human societies and taking into account the social and symbolic construction of the categories of gender and the relationships between them. The study of gender relationships runs across all domains of human activity, from political practices to social representations, from disciplinary training to disciplinary institutionalisation. It requires an interdisciplinary approach.

The aim of the RING Federation is to coordinate education centres and research teams. Individual academics can also become members. Its networking activities help disseminate gender studies on not only the national but also the European and international levels. It aims to enrich existing research by encouraging critical debate within each discipline, as well across disciplinary boundaries.

Its website provides information about current research (publications, conferences, meetings, calls for papers, etc.).

RING is a partner of the Gender Institute.