International Society for the Study of Women in the Ancient Régime (Société internationale d’études des femmes d’Ancien Régime)

Over the last decades there has been a growing interest in studying the life circumstances, actions, works and thoughts of the women from the period before the French Revolution. However, the works of researchers in this area are often difficult to access or in fact remain unknown to those who could benefit from them the most (experts, teachers, students). They are often dispersed in a great number of volumes and journals, rather than included in a centralised databank. Moreover, their findings often remain confidential because of the lack of appropriate tools (translations, affordable editions and books publications) that would make them available to the interested public.

The SIEFAR brings together researchers from over twenty nationalities and living on several continents. It aims to bring together all those who identify with its objectives, regardless of their professional status, nationality, sex and degree of involvement in the research.