Apply for the 2016 Corinna Seith Award

Published on 10 May 2016 par Equipe GIS IdG

Apply for the 2016 Corinna Seith Award

Deadline for submitting papers : Wednesday, 31st August 2016

Corinna Seith was a remarkable woman – a passionate feminist, committed member of WAVE, original researcher and women’s self-defence teacher. She died
far too young in December 2010, before she had the chance to integrate her research on violence against women and inequality within the academy in Switzerland. At the 2011 WAVE conference it was decided to create a prize in her honor to be awarded each year. Last year, Alison Gregory and Fiona Vera Grey, both young academics from England shared the award between them.

This year again, we are happy to announce the 4^th Corinna Seith Award:

- The prize 500 Euro will be awarded to the best essay/paper written by a young scholar.
- Also, the winner will be given the opportunity to shortly present the winning paper at this year’s WAVE network conference in Berlin from 19^th to 21^st October 2016

  • Deadline of submission: 31st August 2016


1. The piece can be published or unpublished.

2. "Young scholar" means a PhD candidate/ new PhD within the last 5 years OR a researcher with a career of 5 years or less.

3. The person needs to work and live in Europe.

4. The essay or paper should be sole authored by the applicant and reflect the applicant’s own, original research

5. It should be the length of a paper given at a conference or submitted to a journal (4-7000 words as a rough guide)

6. It can be written in English or German (with an English abstract) - the languages Corinna herself wrote and published in.

7. The essay or paper must address one of the themes that Corinna wrote about/worked on. These include:
- Institutional responses to domestic violence or sexual violence
- Children and domestic violence
- Violence prevention, including self-defence for women and girls
- Innovations in methodology for studying violence against women and/or children
- Theoretical perspectives on violence against women and/or children

8. It should make links to policy and/or practice

9. Applicants who have already submitted a paper for the Corinna Seith Award are welcome to apply again with a new paper, they may however not submit the same paper as in previous years.

The judges will be Prof Carol Hagemann-White (Corinna’s PhD supervisor) and Prof Liz Kelly (Corinna’s partner and co-researcher on several research projects).

The criteria to be used in judging are drawn from the contributions Corinna Seith herself made:

1. Feminist perspective/foundations.
2. Adopting a new or original approach.
3. Clarity and quality of writing.
4. Relevance to practice and social change.
5. Awareness of current knowledge base